Event celebrating Murko's Deed

The Society for the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of Alexandrian Women Prvačina, in cooperation with the Goriška Museum Kromberk-Nova Gorica, Nova Gorica City Municipality and Prvačina Local Community, organised a joint event, paying tribute to Alexandrian women. The event took place in the Centre of Culture in Prvačina on 22 November 2009.

The event commenced by opening a visiting exhibition by the Goriška Museum Kromberk - Nova Gorica entitled: "Hidden Faces of Alexandria - School Sisters and Alexandrian Women" set up in the House in the Square. After the introductory speech by Dejana Baša, the President of the Society, Andrej Malnič, the director of the Goriška Museum, and Inga Brezigar Miklavčič, the author of the exhibition, the exhibition was opened displaying boards rich in content. The exhibition was first put on display on 4 July 2009 upon the occasion of the event entitled Meeting in my Country at the Kromberk Caste. The President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr. Danilo Türk, also attended its opening.

After the programme in the open, in the square in front of the Prvačina parish church and after visiting the exhibition, the happening was moved to the Centre of Culture where the Murko's Deed was presented to the public. The Deed was awarded to the Society for the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of Alexandrian Women by the Slovene Ethnologic Society for its care during the collection, preservation and presentation of the heritage of Alexandrian women. The speaker of honour at the event was Mr Mirko Brulc, the Mayor of the Nova Gorica City Municipality and a Deputy in the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia.

The event was concluded with a film, produced by a Vi-Tel television, entitled: "Alexandria Leaving". The event was moderated by Vesna Humar. Marko Kodelja and David Šuligoj were responsible for the cultural programme. Upon the conclusion of the event, Slavica Plahuta provided for the tasting of halava, jointly prepared with Ludvika Gregorič.