I, We and Others

Some members responded to the invitation by Daša Koprivec, a custodian at the Slovene Ethnographic Museum, and visited the museum in Ljubljana when on 2 December 2009 a new permanent exhibition was opened, holding a meaningful title: "I, We and Others" (Jaz, mi in drugi). We had been waiting for this event for quite some time and our great wish to present Alexandrian women in the very centre of Slovenia, in Ljubljana, inside so important institutions as the Slovene Ethnographic Museum, had come true. After the introductory programme upon its opening, when addresses were given by Bojana Rogelj Škafar, the director, and Majda Širca, the Minister of Culture, we walked to the upper floor with great expectations. This path lead us from the birth of a man to his inclusion in the space and society. This is exactly what the exhibition on a man and his connections with the society, family, country and himself is about. And Alexandrian women are also included there. What they have been telling to us, they can now say to others: