Diploma by the Nova Gorica City Municipality

During the solemn session of the City Council of the Nova Gorica City Municipality, taking place on 11 September 2010, a Diploma by the Nova Gorica City Municipality was awarded to the Society for the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of Alexandrian Women. The Society was awarded this Diploma for its important work in the preservation of the memory of Alexandrian women. In the past five years numerous exhibitions in Prvačina and elsewhere have been put on display, a memorial plaques were set up in Alexandria in 2007 and in Kairo, a website has been developed, a leaflet was produced and the word on this topic has been spread in the media and within the discipline. In 2009, for its achievements at the national level, the Society received the "Murko's Deed". The award was conferred to the President, Dejana Baša, by the then Mayor, Mirko Brulc.