Chapel in Gradišče

The opening of a memorial chapel dedicated to the Alexandrian women took place on 10 October 2010 in Gradišče above Prvačina. A chapel, made of domestic material - marlstone and bricks - and covered with Primorska roofing tiles (called "korci" in the Primorska dialect), will be a sign to a passer-by that the subsistence of homesteads in this region was once taken care of by Alexandrian women. The chapel is decorated with a statute of the Mother of the God from Lurdes.

Dragotin Volk, a descendant of an Alexandrian woman, championed the setting up of the chapel and donated for its construction. He was assisted by many others who made its completion possible. The coordination of the chapel's construction was taken over by Sonja Gabrijelčič, a local woman and an active member of the Society. The following persons presented their addresses upon the chapel's opening: Neva Leban, a Vice-President of the Society for the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of Alexandrian Women Prvačina, Dorica Makuc, a writer and journalist, and Andrej Malnič, a director of the Goriški Museum Kromberk. The conclusion of the ceremony with the blessing of the chapel was conducted by the parish priest from Renče, Slavko Hrast. The event was enriched with the signing of the Church Choir from Gradišče above Prvačina.

In September 2010, Dragotin Volk was awarded for his endeavours in the field of preserving the heritage of Alexandrian women by the Society for the preservation of the Cultural Heritage of Alexandrian Women and named the Society's Member of Honour.