21. Primorska Slovenian Days: Alexandrian Women - a motif of economic migration in literature and culture

On 8 and 9 April 2011, the 21st Primorska Slovenian Days took place in Bukovica, organised by the Nova Gorica Slavistic Society in cooperation with the Renče-Vogrsko Municipality, the Society for the Preservation of Alexandrian Women and the Joint Committee for the Preparation of the PSD of the following societies: Koper Slavistic Society, Trst-Gorica-Videm Slavistic Society.

The first day was dedicated to lectures presenting the following topics from the Slovenian literature: female migration, the motifs of the "Beautiful Vida", Alexandrian women, etc. Lecturers were experts on Slovenian language and literature and experts from various other fields. The guest of honour of the event was a writer Marjan Tomšič. After a welcome address by the President of the Nova Gorica Slavistic Society, Sonja Žezlina, and the Mayor of the Renče-Vogrsko Municipality, Aleš Bucik, the lectures officially started to be given by: D. Poniž, B. Modrijančič Reščič, Z. Hönn Marc, ... This was followed by a cultural event which started with a conversation with Mrs Dorica Makuc; the conversation was moderated by Marija Mercina. After that the President, Dejana Baša, presented the work of the Society for the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of Alexandrian Women. Neva Leban, a Vice-President of the Society and a descendant of an Alexandrian woman, and Meta Kogoj, also a descendant of an Alexandrian woman, presented the public their stories of Alexandrian women and their personal experiences. The evening was concluded with the presentation of the culinary heritage of Alexandrian women - the members of the Society for the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of Alexandrian Women prepared various Egyptian delicacies.

A march on the Gregorčič's Trail from Renče to Gradišče above Prvačina and back was organised on the next day, together with a visit of an exhibition on the Alexandrian women in Renče.