Conference on Alexandrian Women

The Society for the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of Alexandrian Women organised a conference on Alexandrian women taking place on 2 December 2011 in Nova Gorica. The participants first gathered in the Pine Grove in Nova Gorica where a memorial plaque - "Tribute to Alexandrian Women" - was unveiled by the Society, together with the Nova Gorica Rotary Club, next to the monument dedicated to Alexandrian women. (Unfortunately, the plaque was later a victim of vandals.) This was followed by a conference in the Nova Gorica Town Hall. The discussion on Alexandrian women was held in a slightly different way since only male speakers debated over this specifically female migration phenomenon: a historian, Branko  Marušič, PhD, a journalist, Ervin Hladnik Milharčič, a journalist, Jurij Paljk and Gilberto Civardi, a son of an Alexandrian woman. The discussion was moderated by the director of the Goriška Museum, Andrej Malnič.