The Society, since its foundation, has planned to erect a commemorative plaque in memory of the girls and women who left for Egypt to earn more money. In November 2007 this idea became finally reality. Almost one hundred people, among them members of the Society, descendants of the Alexandrian Women, representatives of the local authorities and other enthusiasts, decided to participate in the unveiling of the plaque in Alexandria. The Memorial plaque, a piece of art made by the Academic sculptor Janez Lenassi and erected in the monastery garden of the School Sisters, was financed by the Municipality of Nova Gorica. The President of the Society, Mrs. Dejana Baša, conducted the realisation and erection of the Memorial plaque as well as the organisation of the trip to Egypt.

At the unveiling ceremony of the Memorial plaque, the School Sisters of St. Francis of Christ the King from the Trieste Province were honoured the State Award of the Republic of Slovenia - the Order for Exceptional Services - for the self-sacrificing assistance they offered to the numerous Slovenians who worked in Egypt. The Slovenian Ambassador H.E. Mr. Borut Mahnič handed over the Order in the name of the Slovenian President Dr. Janez Drnovšek. Speeches were held also by the President of the Society, Mrs. Dejana Baša and the Mayor of the Municipality of Nova Gorica, Mr. Mirko Brulc. The letter by Dorica Makuc was read out loud by Sister Gabrijela and then the programme was concluded by the touching stories of two Alexandrian Women and the vocal interpretation by Ljoba Jenče.

Mr. Zorko Pelikan from the Government Office for Slovenians Abroad / Urad Vlade RS za Slovence v zamejstvu in po svetu and H.E. Mr. Borut Mahnič, the Slovenian Ambassador to Egypt helped us with the realisation of the  project.

The group came back from Egypt full of unforgettable impression. On the cemeteries the tombstones of their ancestresses, relatives and co-villagers were found. They saw the houses where the Alexandrian Women had been working, and walked along the same streets and through the same parks they knew from the faded photographs of the Alexandrian Women.