The panels and the exhibits of the Exhibition on the »Alexandrian Women« in the house »Hiša na Placu« in Prvačina were recorded on film on 24th April 2009 by the Slovenian National Television - RTV Slovenija. The director and screenwriter was Metod Pevec, director's assistant and researcher was Barbara Brezavšček Stegeman. The editor of the Documentary programme at the Slovenian National Television, Mrs. Živa Emeršič and H.E. Mr. Faruk, the Egyptian Ambassador to Slovenia, who agreed to make a documentary film on the »Aleksandrinke« in collaboration with the Egyptian television, contacted the Society for the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of the Alexandrian Women already in the year 2008, and then went to Egypt where they made researches on the issue and where they even recorded an interview with Mr. Boutros Gali, former UN Secretary General, and with Mrs. Margerita Žorž. The documentary film on the »Alexandrian Women« will be presented to the public in the year 2011.