Alexandrian Women - Full-Length Documentary

A documentary entitled "Alexandrian Women" started to be created in 2008 when Metod Pevec, a director and scriptwriter, and a researcher Barbara Brezavšček Stegeman made a contact with our Society. The film includes testimonies of the Alexandrian women, their descendants and protégées who are nowadays living in Slovenia and around the world. In the film take part: MATILDA VIDMAR,  DOROTEJA ARČON, LIDIJA SUSIČ, MARIJA PIRNAT, SABINA ŠUŠMELJ, DANILO SKOMINA, MARIJA SAKSIDA, MAGDA IBRAHIM, VANA SILIČ, BUTROS BUTROS-GALI, MICHEL PEREZ, MICHAEL HAAG,  dr. ELLIS DOUEK, CLAUDIA RODEN, ROGER A. BARCILON, IZIDOR BIRSA, GILBERTO CIVARDI, SONJA GABRIJELČIČ, VERA SULIČ, SILVESTER FURLANI, ZLATKO ROMIH, PETER ZORN, dr. ALOJZ ZORN, FRANC LUKEŽIČ, SAVICA BONUTTI, IRENE COSSUTTA, FRANC FAGANEL, NADIA FARAG BADAWI, MARGARITA ŽORŽ, PEPCA TAYLOR, ZDRAVKA PETERS, CHARLES PETERS and s. MARTINA ARHAR.

A premiere of the documentary film took place on 15 April 2011 in the Nova Gorica Slovenian National Theatre. People having taken part in the interview and those participating in the film were invited, together with the members of the Society for the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of Alexandrian Women. It was first showed on TV in autumn 2011, was re-showed several times and received numerous awards.

We extend our sincere thanks to Metod Pevec and his team at the RTV Slovenia for their contribution to the research of the phenomenon of the Alexandrian women.