Exhibition: "Almost Forgotten"

Since November 2010, an exhibition portraying the life of Alexandrian women has been put on display in the House in the Square in Prvačina ("Hiša na Placu" in Slovenian). The exhibition is entitled "Almost Forgotten"(Skoraj pozabljene). This exhibition presents individual stories of Alexandrian women. We get to know their destinies through numerous photographs, personal belongings and texts. You may visit this exhibition by previous announcing your visit on a telephone number of the Nova Gorica Tourist and Information Centre: 00386 (0)5 330 46 00 or by sending an e-mail to: .

Warmly welcome!

Exhibition: Almost forgottenExhibition: Almost forgotten

Ceremony upon the opening of the "Almost Forgotten" Exhibition

Exhibition: Almost forgottenOn 13 November 2010, a special event took place in Prvačina. The introductory singing by a Men's Choir Lijak 1883 Vogrsko and addresses and welcome speeches by Matej Arčon, the Nova Gorica Municipality's Mayor, Andrej Malnič, the director of the Goriška Museum Kromberk, Daša Koprivec, a representative of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum Ljubljana (its director,  Bojana Rogelj Škafa, PhD., aplologized her absence) and Dejana Baša, the President of the Society for the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of the Alexandrian Women Prvačina, were followed by a presentation of the exhibition. The presentation was given by the following members of the Society: Dejana Baša, Ana Marija Prijatelj, Metka Kogoj, Tina Mihelj, Alenka Zorn, Neva Leban and Slavica Plahuta. Every one of them disclosed one of the almost forgotten stories.Exhibition: Almost forgotten

Exhibition: Almost forgottenMrs. Slavica Plahuta presented dishes from the culinary heritage of the Alexandrian women. She had collected recipes on the basis of which dishes were prepared by the following members of the Society: Ludvika Gregorič, Maja Mihelj, Alenka Zorn, Milojka Bitežnik and Ada Mihelj. As much as 19 various Egyptian recipes were presented: falafel, halava, Arabic bread, hummus, caviar for the poor, filled dates, cheese and meat pouches, kahk, basbousa, fish and chicken flat balls and other oriental delicacies such as the beverage karkadeh (a tea of dried hibiscus sepals). A special filling of the wine "Drops of Memory" Exhibition: Almost forgottenwas prepared within the framework of the event: grapes for this wine had matured in a vineyard which had been bought by an Alexandrian woman with her earnings from the work in Egypt. The wine was filled by her son and grandson: Albin and Sašo Krpan. The programme of the event was moderated by Vesna Humar, her herself a descendant of an Alexandrian woman. Upon the entry into the exhibition premises, Lucija Furlani, a young cello player, awaited the visitors.

The "Almost Forgotten" Exhibition is rich in stories and there are numerous items being presented for the first time. The Alexandrian women from Vogrsko are specially presented with one room dedicated just to them. In another room there are stories presenting lives of Marija Krpan, the Kogoj sisters, Saksida sisters and the brothers and sisters from Kurp. There are two important awards which hang on the wall next to the entrance door: the "Murko's Deed" of 2009 and the Diploma by the Nova Gorica City Municipality of 2010.

These stories will definitely not be forgotten.