In Gorizia, from 27th October to 19th December 2008, a series of events in connection with the »Alexandrian women« was organized by the Province of Gorizia and in collaboration with the Association of Slovene Cultural Societies. The Province of Gorizia and the Association of Slovene Cultural Societies invited the Society for the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of the Alexandrian Women Prvačina to set up the exhibition "In memory of the Aleksandrinke - the Alexandrian Women".

The opening ceremony took place on Tuesday 9th December 2008, in the anteroom of the Council Hall at the headquarters of the Province of Gorizia, Corso Italia 55 – in Gorizia. The exhibition presented a selection of photos which were already displayed on different exhibitions by the Society. The displayed items are property of the progenies of the »Alexandrian Women« in Italy and which were collected by the Association of Slovene Cultural Societies.

The Province of Gorizia (Provincia di Gorizia) organized on Friday 12th December 2008 in collaboration with the Association of Slovenian Cultural Societies in the Council Hall in Gorizia, Corso Italia 55, a Round Table on the theme of the »Aleksandrinke«. The documentary film Cranes Fly South - Žerjavi letijo na jug (Author: Dorica Makuc) was followed by a discourse. The Society presented its activities in the years since its foundation (Dejana Baša, Tina Valič). Also the results of the previous researches on the »Alexandrian Women« in the Goriška region and in Friuli were presented (Nadia Boz, University of Udine and Katja Škrlj – ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana) and the stories and documents following the tracks of the Alexandrian Women between Trieste and Alexandria were presented by the theatre director Franco Però.

Other events: theatre performance »Trieste Alessandria EMBARKED«, »Štorja od lešandrink« (Directed by: Neda R. Bric), the lecture on the »lešandrinke« in the Slovene School Centre Auditorium in Gorizia (Lecturer: Katja Škrlj), »Le radici dell'albero« - radio performance by the radio channel RAI FVJ and the theatre performance Alexandria (Directed by Franco Però).